Mudeka tribe shoes - first shoot

Be bold, be boisterous, be individual - Join the tribe!

Mudeka Tribe Norwich shoot web sized (59)

Welcome... the home page of Mudeka Tribe, dedicated to everyone who adores shoes, colour and comfort. The tribe have brought onto the market beautiful pumps in eight vibrant colours. Hand-made in a quiet corner of England by some of the last remaining shoemakers in the country, these gorgeous pumps are inspired by an African passion evolving for more than a decade.

Anna Mudeka

is the name behind this new creation. Years of research and development have brought to market a product melding the love of her motherland Africa with that of her adopted county of Norfolk, where the product is made. Having been a dancer for more than 30 years, the wearing of heels brought on back pain. Her love for shoes led her to create pumps which mean you can still feel and look great - without the pain of uncomfortable shoes. These wonderful, colourful pumps will be a great addition to your wardrobe!

Mudeka Tribe

is for women and girls who want to be remembered, not noticed. The shoes are packed with vibrant colour - loud and happy. It’s time to leave those dull ordinary shoes in the wardrobe and let Mudeka Tribe pumps do the talking for you.

Enjoy x