Mudeka Tribe 2018-20

Introducing our new 2020 range!

T-shirts and Accessories

We are thrilled to launch our 2020 clothing and accessories range to add onto our pumps. We have a great selection of t shirts and mobile phone cases inspired by Africa featuring some fabulous new African prints.  Mudeka Tribe is about creating the vibrancy of Africa without borders. Using African Symbols and original designs we have come up with ten different styles of t-shirts and clothing. For more choice of our products we have teamed up with Red Bubble site, just follow the link to our site and a new work of exciting products are waiting for you.


We have used fabrics from Nigeria and South Africa on our pumps including SheShwe material sourced from South Africa.A choice of Vakanda Red, embracing the deep red African soil beneath our feet, Okavango Blue named after the famous delta in Botswana and Dogon Pink, named after the colourful Dogon tribe of West Africa.

A further two new pairs use Nigerian Gele fabric made famous by the head wraps worn by the women of the country. These are avaialable in Yoruba pink and Gele Orange.

We have been experimenting with some young graphic designers using African symbols and have created a unique design in leather based on the Nyami Nyami river God of the Tonga tribe of Zimbabwe and Zambia. These pumps are in a beautifully coiled Black and White snake shape.

Finally two of our most popular original styles remain, Zambezi Mix and Bantu Bluehave remained timeless with our existing customers. Available from sizes 5 to size 8, we hope you enjoy feeling fabulous and colourful with our new range of pumps.

Greeting Cards coming soon!


Welcome... the home page of Mudeka Tribe, dedicated to everyone who adores the vibrancy of Africa, colour and comfort. The tribe have brought onto the market beautiful pumps in vibrant colours, t shirts and other accessories.  These gorgeous designs are inspired by an African passion evolving for more than a decade.

Anna Mudeka

is the name behind these new creations. Years of research and development have brought to market products melding the love of her motherland Africa with that of her adopted county of Norfolk. Anna has worked alongside Van Dal shoe factory in Norwich where the pumps were made. But since the shut down of the factory in 2019 this line of pumps is the last one for the time being from Mudeka Tribe. As they say, a creative mind never rest so since lockdown Anna has been creatively designing a new line of t-shirts and other eccessories including greeting cards inspired by North Norfolk coast, Friendship and Norfolk World Music Festival! These will be launched in July so watch this space.

Mudeka Tribe

is for women, men and children so if you are stuck for gift ideas or you would like to treat yourself then you have come to the right place. We pride in being unique and passionate in the products we sell to our customers. If you like our products then please tell the world but if you don't then come to us and we will do our best to make your shopping experience a joyous occassion.

Enjoy x