New year new designs

As the festive season is long forgotten and nearing the end of January, we thought we would shout out to all you tribe followers and say howdy folks. Another exciting year is starting to take shape now, with our spring summer pumps starting to pick pace as everyone starts thinking summer and warmth. We still have all of the 8 colours so if you are feeling like adding to your tribe colours then now is the time. We are so excited to have picked up some interest from a national magazine for their March Issue, so watch this space will update you soon as possible. 2017 sees us adding to our pumps a new style of wedges, currently working on some samples with Van Dal and a young designer. The wedges follow our theme of bright, bold and boisterous with one new and original pair we are experimenting with in leather. So watch this space. We will be in and around local craft markets too the next few months so will put some dates out in the next week or so. But for now if you are starting to think of your spring/summer wardrobe or have a special event coming and you want to stand out then get in touch and we can see about matching you with our tribe pumps. Let the shoes do the talking because you are worth it, Chao for now!

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  1. Katie Powell on July 2, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    How have I not found you before this! And so close by!! Will be popping in on Wednesday for size 7 s!!

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