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Africa has been our inspiration in so many ways: bold, vibrant colours  expressing happiness, laughter and joy. Whether it’s food, music or fashion there is so much we have been able to draw on from this beautiful continent when bringing our product to the market. The tribal colours of our shoes have been carefully named to celebrate the meeting of two cultures; from Venda White, Zambezi Mix, Zulu Black, Canary Green, Sahara Mix, Bantu Blue, Tawina Mix and Chikundi Red.

All these shoes come as limited edition with under 200 pairs made in 8 different vibrant colours. The pumps have Aqua Guard protection so any wine, water or liquid splashes just bounce off.

They are lined using the best quality leather, to give a comfortable finish, and cushioned for extra comfort. Mudeka Tribe shoes are cut high above the big toe and heel to help support the feet and body. Ideal for daytime or evening wear, weddings or any special occasion, you certainly will stand out with these fabulous colours.

Mudeka Tribe has created a luxury pump and, as more and more women look for comfort and style, research published by Companies and Markets (C&M) suggests that the UK luxury goods market, including designer footwear, will increase in value by 57% - worth some 9.4 billion from 2015.

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History of the Norwich Boot and Shoe Industry

Mudeka Tribe are proud to become part of the long and proud history of the shoe making trade in Norwich. In 1931 the Norwich boot and shoe trade employed over 10 000 people, a staggering 15% of its total workforce, making it the city’s premier industry. Firms such as P.Haldinstein & Sons, Sexton, Son and Everard, James Southwell & Co., Edward and Holmes and the Norvic shoe Co. were major producers with national reputations.

In 1972 the Norwich shoe firms collectively produced a staggering 10.8 million pairs of shoes and fashion boots, which was heralded by the local press as an ‘all-time record’.

On the face of it this figure indicated a strong, buoyant sector, but in fact it masked reality. In the years that followed the industry was decimated by a combination of cheap imports, the vagaries of fashion and changes in distribution and marketing.

By the beginning of the 21st century the Norwich footwear industry was a shadow of its former self, but all was not lost. Old firms have survived, others have been formed. The city is still home to companies which are market leaders with worldwide reputations, who look to the future and are proud of their past.

You can find out more in "The story of the Norwich Boot and Shoe Trade"  by Frances and Michael Holmes!

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Mudeka Tribe Production April 2015- January 2016